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The Amelioration issue explores the voice of local musicians. Connect with the likes of Ndumiso Manana , Filah Lah Lah and Joda kgosi Click down below to get lost in the world of Amelioration.

The Amelioration series

Creative Nation team had the amazing opportunity to conduct  exclusive interviews with the likes of Ndumiso Manana , Joda Kgosi and Filah Lah Lah. 

Creative Nation

The Amelioration issue 

| A-​ˌmēl-​ya-​ˈrā-​shan | (N) Latin the process of making a bad or unpleasant situation better. 

Ameliorate means to Make or become better. Ameliorate traces back to "melior," the Latin adjective meaning "better,". The Amelioration issue is all about the art of music, in this issue Creative Nation will be showcasing the best musicians in South Africa.

Articles of month

Masana Khoza the Drummer

Masana Khoza is a local musician, hailing from Centurion with the most insane skills on the drums. We got in touch with him to get to know him a little bit more, so its only fit that we get a drumroll for what’s to follow…

Bohemian Fashion

Join us as we discuss how The bohemian style trend has infiltrated retail fashion and has quickly made its way into modern fashion.

The Creative lens

A Handpicked selection of this months best pictures.


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